Cambridge Nanolitic Limited was founded in 2006 in Cambridge, UK by an international team of scientists and entrepreneurs specialised in the field of nanomaterials and surface treatment. Company developed and patented original technology for nanoceramic coating of metals and functionalisation of ceramic surfaces.

In 2007company opened its manufacturing facility in Haverhill, Suffolk, 17 miles south of Cambridge. Nanolitic team successfully developed and commercialised coatings for high value components for textile and packaging machinery. In 2010-2011 company developed, patented and spun off electronic applications of nanoceramic coating into a separate business – Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd ( In recent years company undertakes development activities in medical area, particularly biocompatible coatings for implants.


Broaden capabilities of metal components by providing them with a unique ceramic surface. Our coatings work where other surface treatments don’t due to their physical limitations: such as plasma sprayed ceramic – due to high porosity, chemical Ni and galvanic Cr coatings – not sufficient hardness, anodising and plasma electrolytic oxidation – porosity and wear. If none of the above coatings solves your problem, please contact us.


Company is offering to its customers

(1) batch coating;

(2) product development;

(3) technology licensing.


Proprietary patented technology for electrochemical deposition of nanoceramic material on metals enables to build solid, hard protective layer on metals. Surface of nanoceramic layer can be subsequently customised with desirable properties such as wear -, scratch- and corrosion resistance, high dielectric strength, biocompatibility, etc.

A number of innovative processes for ceramic functionalisation are used to populate it’s surface with nano-sized inorganic materials, metals, synthetic amphiphilic polymers, polyelectrolytes and biomolecules.

Ceramisation process is applicable to Al, Mg, Ti ,Zr and Nb alloys.

Technology is patented in a number of countries including USA, EU, Japan, China.